16 Tons Of Weathering Steel Plates Transported To UAE

In February 2022, we received an inquiry from a customer in the United Arab Emirates. The email stated that the customer was looking for a reliable Chinese supplier to provide him with a large number of weathering steel plates for the petroleum industry. We quickly responded to the customer and inquired about the strength and weather resistance of the steel plate they required so that we could recommend a suitable grade.

After lengthy exchanges, negotiations and calculations, out of trust in the quality of our products, in May, the customer finally ordered 30 weather-resistant steel plates totaling 16.9 tons.


Shipping Weather-Resistant Steel Plates To UAE

According to the size of the steel plate, we develop a special transportation plan for our customers to ensure that the goods are delivered on time. We adopted a dust-proof and moisture-proof packaging protection solution, and also marked the specifications, quantity, weight and other relevant information of the steel plates on the packaging to facilitate identification and handling during transportation and storage.


How To Choose Wear-Resistant Steel Plate?

  • Chemical composition
    Consider the chemical composition of wear-resistant steel plates. Various alloying elements, such as chromium, manganese and carbon, are often added to enhance wear resistance. Different ingredients provide different levels of hardness, toughness and wear resistance.
  • Hardness and Toughness
    Evaluate the balance of hardness and toughness required for your application. Hardness resists surface indentations, while toughness helps the steel plate withstand impact and prevent cracking or breakage. Specific requirements depend on wear conditions and potential shock or shock loading.
  • Wear Resistance Requirements
    Different wear-resistant steel plates are designed to perform well under specific wear conditions, so understanding the wear mechanisms involved will help you choose the right plate.
  • Supplier expertise and support
    Work with reputable suppliers with expertise in wear-resistant steel plate. They can provide guidance, technical support and advice based on your specific application requirements. This UAE client chose us largely for this reason.
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