20 Tons Of Shipbuilding Hot-rolled Steel Plates Transported To Germany

In May 2021, we received an email from Germany, from which we learned that this customer was looking for high-quality hot-rolled steel plates for shipbuilding. If our steel plates are monitored for quality compliance, he will order them in large quantities. In the subsequent communication, we confirmed the type and thickness of the steel plate required by the customer and sent samples. After testing, the customer found that the quality of our hot-rolled steel plates was up to standard.


Shipping Of Hot Rolled Steel Plates For Shipbuilding

In July, after negotiating the price, tonnage and delivery date, we reached cooperation with the customer. Finally, the customer from Germany purchased 20.05 tons of hot-rolled steel plates. Below are photos of our shipments:


Why This Germany Customer Choose Gnee?

  • Customization and flexibility
    Gnee provides customization services, and customers can specify the required steel plate size, thickness and other specifications. Gnee provides clients with a one-stop shop, which also benefits clients with unique project needs.
  • Wide selection
    Gnee offers a wide range of steel plate options in terms of materials, sizes, specifications and grades. This enables customers to find specific steel plates from us that meet their requirements.
  • Reliable delivery time and service
    We focus on delivering customers’ orders on time and providing good after-sales service. Our supply chain management and logistics teams ensure that products are delivered to customers’ designated locations on time. Customers choose us because they trust us to deliver on time and provide excellent after-sales support.
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