600 Tons Of Galvanized Steel Sheets Were Transported To South Korea

In 2022, our old customers from South Korea once again proposed transaction intentions to us. After the last cooperation, this Korean customer already knows whether the quality of our company’s products can meet his requirements, so he has great trust in our company. Likewise, we still provide him with high-quality steel plates. In the end, the customer ordered 80 galvanized steel panels totaling 619 tons.


Shipping Galvanized Steel Plate To Korea

Before the goods are transported, we confirm the customer’s transportation requirements, including delivery time, port of arrival, cargo packaging requirements, and develop a transportation plan that satisfies the customer. During the transportation of goods, the information is synchronized with customers, allowing customers to retrieve goods information at any time to ensure on-time delivery.

SK 600T

Why This Korea Customer Choose Gnee Group Again?

  • Quality Products
    Gnee Group provides high quality steel plate products with good performance and durability. This Korean customer was very satisfied with our products in past transactions.
  • On-time Delivery
    Gnee Group is able to deliver the products customers need on time and meet customer time requirements. South Korea is relatively close to China, so delivery times are shorter.
  • Cargo Security and Packaging
    Gnee Group attaches great importance to the security of cargo in terms of transportation and packaging. Appropriate measures are taken to protect the steel plates from damage and ensure safe arrival to the customer.
  • Good Customer Service
    Gnee Group provides good service and establishes good communication and cooperation with customers. Able to respond promptly to customer needs and problems and provide solutions. This is one of the reasons why customers choose to cooperate again.
  • Reliable Partnership
    Gnee Group has established a reliable and stable partnership with this customer and is therefore more willing to continue working with us.
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