85 Tons Of Weathering Steel Plates Shipped To Indonesia

In April 2023, Gnee transported a batch of weather-resistant steel plates to the port. This batch of steel plates has been shipped by sea and has successfully arrived in Indonesia. This is the return diagram given to us by the customer. This batch of steel plates will be used in the construction industry:


Shipping Weathering Steel Plate To Indonesia

Transaction time: 2023/3/25

Quantity: 259

Tonnage: 84.952 tons

Shipping time: 2023/4/15

Delivery date: 2023/5/20


Why This Customer Choose Gnee?

  • High Quality Product
    Gnee’s steel products always show excellent quality, durability and performance, most customers choose us because we can provide them with the products they want.
  • Expertise and Technical Support
    Gnee has a team of knowledgeable experts who can provide customers with full guidance, advice and technical support.
  • Customization Options
    Customers can customize steel products to meet their specific needs and preferences. Examples include different sizes, shapes, finishes or special coatings.
  • Good Reputation And Performance Record
    Gnee has a high reputation in the industry, and we have many successful cases, giving customers confidence.
  • Reliability
    Gnee has always pursued providing customers with high-quality products while ensuring that products are delivered on time and as promised.
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