Steel Grating Plate


Product Brand: Gnee
Founding Time: 2008
Sold Countries: 60+
Steel Standard: ANSI/NAAMM (MBG 531)、BS 4592、DIN 24537-1、ISO 14122-2.
Rolling Size: 25x38x38mm、30x38x38mm、38x38x38mm、50x50x50mm、38x38x65mm。
Custom Size: Available

Why choose Gnee For Steel Grating Plate?

If you want to find a trustable steel grating plate manufacturer, Gnee will be your best choice.  15 years of experience in steel grating plate manufacture, certified by ANSI/NAAMM (MBG 531), BS 4592, DIN 24537-1, ISO 14122-2. We guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality. We meet all international steel grating plate requirements.

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In addition, our Steel Grating Plate has been successfully exported to more than 60 countries such as theUnited States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France and United Arab Emirates. Many regular customers come to visit our company and factory and make multiple orders.

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What‘s The Feature Of Gnee Steel Grating Plate ?

Steel grating is a versatile and durable structural material, widely used in industry, commerce and the public sector. Its main features include:


The steel grid plate is made of high-strength steel, with high load bearing capacity and compressive capacity. The high strength of the steel grid allows it to be applied repeatedly under heavy loads and harsh conditions. It is durable and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Hot dip zinc surface treatment makes it have quite good corrosion and rust resistance, thereby increasing the service life of the steel grid plate. While maintaining the overall structure, the steel mesh can withstand large loads. It can effectively distribute gravity, ensuring stability and safety on sidewalks, platforms and industrial surfaces.

The surface of the steel grid plate is gridded and has good permeability, which can effectively prevent water and snow. The open steel grille plate is conducive to air circulation, and is conducive to the transmission of heat, gas and odor. At the same time, it also allows natural light to pass through, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting and increasing visibility.

Steel grilles are lightweight and easy to install, and can be quickly installed on a variety of buildings. Steel mesh is a universally applicable structure, and can be customized according to specific engineering needs. Available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes, it is easy to install and can be combined with a variety of structures.

The steel grid plate covering layer adopts hot dip, spray, spray and other processes, strong corrosion resistance, and can be used in a variety of harsh working environments. Wire mesh can be made of corrosion-resistant materials, or coated with protective paint, suitable for both indoor and outdoor, as well as outdoor. Good corrosion resistance guarantees service life and minimizes maintenance requirements.

Steel grid plate has the advantages of low cost, long life, etc., and has a good application prospect in construction. Because the steel grating is durable, the maintenance needs are less, and the service life is long, it becomes a cost-effective solution. It is a reliable and sustainable alternative for industrial, commercial and public infrastructure projects.

What Is The Application Of Gnee Steel Grating Plate?

Industrial floor and walkway

In the industrial field, steel grille panels are often used on the ground and on sidewalks. They provide workers with a stable, non-slip work platform that allows them to travel safely in high-intensity traffic, heavy machinery, and dangerous work environments where there is the possibility of slipping.

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Mezzanine floor and platform

The steel grid plate is especially suitable for the mezzanine and high platform of warehouses, factories, logistics centers, etc. Its high loading capacity makes full use of the vertical space but also provides more space for storage and work.

Stair treads and landing

Steel grilles are used for stairs to create strong, non-slip steps. The open grid design can realize efficient drainage, reduce the risk of flooding and enhance the safety of the system.

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Drainage system

Steel grilles with serrated surfaces are commonly used in sewage treatment. They help water, gravel, and other materials flow efficiently, avoid blockages, and provide suitable drainage for things like parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and industrial facilities.

What Services Gnee Provide?

At GNEE, we are committed to quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and we will provide our customers with quality products that even exceed industry standards.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities, equipped with advanced machinery and technology, allow us to produce high-precision and high-efficiency steel grille panels. This ensures consistent quality, accurate dimensions, and excellent performance for each product.

GNEE supplies high quality steel, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Each material is carefully selected to meet different usage requirements such as strength, corrosion resistance, durability, etc.

We know that every project is unique. Therefore, we can choose different steel grids according to customer requirements, according to customer requirements, according to customer requirements, and according to customer requirements. Our professionals work closely with customers to provide customers with personalized products that meet customer needs and provide customers with the best products.

At GNEE, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We understand the importance of on-time delivery, so our professional team works hard to ensure timely delivery. In addition, our customer service team will also answer customers’ questions and provide technical assistance and guidance.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. GNEE has established a strict quality management system to ensure that every piece of steel produced can meet the requirements of high quality. The company from material selection to finished product testing, is quality first, to ensure good quality, durability.

We strive to offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our products. Our efficient manufacturing process and efficient supply chain management enable us to provide our customers with low-cost and efficient products, thus bringing maximum benefits to our customers.

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