Come forniamo servizi di processo di piegatura dell'acciaio?

As a professional steel producer and supplier, Gnee Steel possesses comprehensive bending and processing equipment and technologies, capable of meeting various steel materials bending requirements with high quality and efficiency. Let’s explore the different bending processes together!

Overview of Steel Materials Bending Processes

Steel materials bending is an important process where steel materials are folded along a line or curve, widely used in industries such as construction, machinery, mold-making, and furniture.

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Main bending processes can be categorized as follows:

  • Press Brake Bending
  • Roll Bending
  • CNC Bending
  • Synchronized Double Machine Bending
  • Stamping and Bending

Press Brake Bending of Steel Materials

Also known as compression bending, press brake bending is a traditional process that utilizes the upper beam and lower die of a press brake machine to bend the steel material along a predetermined bend line. We have multiple large hydraulic press brakes capable of processing various specifications of steel materials ranging from 2mm to 100mm in thickness.

Press brake bending can be further divided into air bending and bottoming, depending on the motion of the upper and lower beams. Air bending involves the upper and lower beams moving at an angle, allowing for various bend radii and angles, while bottoming refers to parallel motion of the beams, commonly used for symmetrical bending.

This process offers high flexibility, meeting various bending requirements for large steel components, while ensuring high bending accuracy and strength. Additionally, it is relatively low-cost, making it an ideal choice for initial steel materials bending operations.

Roll Bending of Steel Materials

Roll bending utilizes a three-roll or four-roll bending machine to gradually bend the steel material by wrapping it around the top roll until the desired curvature is achieved. Our advanced roll bending equipment is primarily suitable for processing thin steel materials ranging from 0.4mm to 16mm and medium-thickness materials.

Unlike the bend line in press brake bending, roll bending involves the material wrapping around the rolls, with a certain radius limitation. However, this process offers high flexibility and is commonly used for manufacturing cylindrical structures such as pipes and pipelines.

The main advantages of roll bending include high production efficiency, minimal deformation, and relatively low processing costs. For mass production of cylindrical thin steel material components, roll bending is an economical and ideal choice.

CNC Bending of Steel Materials

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) bending utilizes CNC bending machines, where the bending process is controlled by a computer program, enabling automatic high-precision bending of the steel material. We are equipped with multiple advanced CNC bending production lines capable of processing various steel materials and specifications, as well as producing bent components of various shapes.

Compared to manual bending, the biggest advantage of CNC bending is the ability to achieve more complex bending shapes, such as curved surfaces, irregular shapes, and multi-segment folds, with higher bending accuracy and consistency. CNC bending is particularly suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized steel material components.

Additionally, CNC bending offers greater flexibility, allowing for rapid changeovers between product models and processes, significantly reducing preparation time. Our experienced programming personnel can develop optimized bending programs based on customer product requirements.

Synchronized Double Machine Bending of Steel Materials

For bending large-span spatial curved surfaces or oversized steel material components, we are equipped with synchronized double machine bending production lines. This advanced process requires two large bending machines to work in coordination, precisely synchronizing to achieve multi-directional spatial bending of the steel material.

Synchronized double machine bending not only meets the spatial irregular bending needs of large-sized steel structures in the construction and heavy industry sectors but also accurately controls the overall bending shape of oversized components, ensuring processing quality.

This process can achieve steel material bending with a maximum span of 40 meters and has no special limitations on material specifications, making it an ideal processing solution for large-scale steel material projects such as bridges, containers, and pressure vessels.

Stamping and Bending of Steel Materials

Stamping and bending is a combined processing technique that utilizes specialized dies to stamp and simultaneously bend the steel material. This process is often integrated with other operations such as cutting and punching, enabling efficient production of various small and medium-sized steel material components and structures.

Our automated stamping and bending production lines employ CNC systems, allowing for flexible adjustment of die shapes and process parameters based on product drawings, significantly enhancing the capability for flexible production.

This process is particularly suitable for mass production of standardized small and medium-sized steel material components such as enclosures, brackets, and guards, ensuring product dimensional accuracy and yield rates, making it a preferred processing route for stamped components.


The above outlines Gnee Steel’s comprehensive range of steel materials bending processes and services. Whether you require large-scale steel material projects or high-precision small and medium-sized components, we possess advanced processing equipment and technological capabilities.

With our professional technical expertise and extensive project experience, we will thoroughly understand your requirements and tailor optimized bending solutions to provide you with high-quality, efficient, and one-stop services.

Let’s work together with Gnee Steel, hand in hand, to compose an outstanding chapter in the steel structure manufacturing industry! We look forward to providing you with more value-added services.

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