871 Tons Of S355 JR Hot-Rolled Steel Plates To Sri Lanka

In August 2021, Gnee successfully reached cooperation with a customer in Sri Lanka who ordered 871 tons of S355 JR hot-rolled steel plates. This Sri Lankan customer was purchasing steel plates for his clients in China to prepare for use in shipbuilding.


Shipping Hot Rolled Steel Plate To Sri Lanka

This customer ordered S355 JR hot-rolled steel plate. This kind of steel plate has high yield strength and tensile strength, good toughness and ductility, and can plastically deform without breaking when subjected to tensile loading.


Services Gnee Provide To Customer

  • Measurement Services
    Include dimensional measurements, surface measurements, tensile test, thickness measurements, material measurements and Hardness tests
  • Custom Size and Shape
    Gnee can accept customers’ customized requirements. The thickness, width, length and other parameters of the steel plate can be designed and adjusted according to the customer’s product requirements.
  • Deep Processing Services
    According to different steel products, Gnee provide cutting services, welding processing services and surface treatment.
  • Support For Third-party Testing
    Third-party testing includes material chemical composition analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical performance testing, surface inspection and result analysis and evaluation.
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