Alaşımlı Çelik Levha


Alaşımlı Çelik Levha

Ürün markası: Gnee
Kuruluş Zamanı: 2008
Satılan Ülkeler: 60+
Çelik Standardı: ASTM A387/A387M, ASTM A514/A514M, ASTM A709/A709M, EN 10025-2, JIS G3101, GB/T 1591
Yuvarlanma Boyutu: 3-200mm*1220-4200mm*5000-18000mm
Özel Boyut: Mevcut

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Gnee Alloy Steel Plate Standard Description

Low Alloy High Strength Steel Plate12Mn,15MnVN,16Mn,15MnV,14MnNb
St44-3,St52-3,St50-2, St60-2,St70-2
WDB690,WDB780,WH70,WH80 IE0650,IE1006,SHT60
Alloy Structure Steel Plate15CrMo,20CrMo,30CrMo,35CrMo,20Cr,40Cr,20Mn2,40Mn2,20CrMnMo,12Cr1MoV,20MnSi30CrMnSiA,12CrMoVNi(RQ65),50Mn2V,42CrMo

Chemical Composition Table Of Gnee Alloy Steel Plate

Alloying ElementRange (% by weight)
Karbon (C)0.15% – 0.50%
Manganez (Mn)0.60% – 1.65%
Silikon (Si)0.15% – 0.60%
Krom (Cr)0.50% – 2.75%
Nikel (Ni)0.25% – 1.65%
Molibden (Mo)0.15% – 0.60%
Vanadium (V)0.03% – 0.20%
Copper (Cu)0.20% – 0.60%
Boron (B)0.0005% – 0.006%

Why Choose Gnee Steel For Alloy Steel Plate?

Gnee is committed to providing high-quality Alloy Steel Plates. We adhere to stringent quality control measures and follow international standards and norms to ensure that our products meet the required quality and performance standards. If you want high-quality Alloy Steel Plate, we are confident that we at Gnee will be the best fit.

Gnee Sertifikaları Görüntüleme


1220+Küresel Vaka Gösterisi

Moreover, our alloy steel plates have been exported to over 60 countries, including Russia, India, Chile, Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia. We have established long-standing relationships with many loyal customers who have visited ou company and factory, and have repeatedly placed orders with us.

Ortak Şirket Ekranı


What are the characteristics of Gnee Alloy Steel Plates?


Gnee Alloy Steel Plates are specially designed to provide excellent weldability. This favorable property enables a seamless and reliable welding process, thereby facilitating the efficient fabrication and construction of structures and components using these plates. The superior weldability of Gnee Alloy Steel Plates offers a range of benefits, including flexibility and efficiency in production operations.
The good weldability of Gnee alloy steel plates ensures that they can be easily joined together through various welding techniques such as arc welding, gas welding, and resistance welding. This enables manufacturers and fabricators to efficiently fabricate complex structures and components that meet the specific requirements of their projects.
The weldability of Gnee alloy steel plates not only simplifies the welding process but also helps to improve the overall quality and strength of the welded joints. It allows for proper fusion and bonding between the plates, resulting in strong and durable welds that maintain the integrity and structural stability of the manufactured component.

Gnee Alloy Steel Sheet has excellent corrosion resistance. This excellent corrosion resistance varies depending on the specific alloy composition and surface treatment. Through careful selection of alloy compositions and appropriate surface treatments, we ensure that their alloy steel sheets provide optimum corrosion resistance.
In applications exposed to corrosive environments, Gnee alloy steel sheets provide a reliable solution. They effectively resist the harmful effects of moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements, thereby maintaining structural integrity and durability over time. This corrosion resistance greatly reduces the risk of material degradation, which ultimately extends service life and results in cost savings for the end user.

Gnee Alloy Steel Sheets have been specially designed to have excellent heat resistance. This remarkable property allows it to withstand high temperatures without significant deformation or compromise of its mechanical properties. The superior heat resistance of the Gnee Alloy Steel Sheet makes it ideally suited for applications that are exposed to high temperatures.
Gnee alloy steel sheets provide reliable performance in industries where thermal stress and extreme temperatures are common. They can withstand harsh environments such as boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and high-temperature equipment. Whether in power plants, petrochemical facilities, or aerospace applications, Gnee alloy steel plates provide the durability and integrity necessary to maintain structural stability under extreme heat conditions.

Gnee alloy steel plates are specifically engineered to exhibit enhanced hardness compared to regular carbon steel plates. This heightened hardness offers numerous advantages, including improved wear resistance and enhanced protection against abrasion. As a result, Gnee alloy steel plates are highly suitable for applications in demanding environments or situations that require elevated durability and longevity.
The increased hardness of Gnee alloy steel plates enables them to withstand abrasive forces and resist wear more effectively than regular carbon steel plates. This property is especially beneficial in applications where the plates are exposed to harsh conditions, such as heavy machinery, mining equipment, construction machinery, and material handling systems.
By providing better wear resistance, Gnee alloy steel plates minimize the effects of friction, impact, and surface abrasion, ensuring prolonged service life and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. This is particularly advantageous in industries that operate in abrasive or erosive environments, where maintaining the integrity and longevity of equipment and structures is crucial.

Gnee alloy steel plates are renowned for their exceptional high strength properties. These plates are specifically engineered to withstand elevated levels of mechanical stress and exhibit superior load-bearing capacity, making them highly suitable for applications that demand exceptional strength and durability.
The high strength of Gnee alloy steel plates enables them to withstand heavy loads and resist deformation under intense mechanical forces. Whether it is in structural applications, heavy machinery, or equipment subjected to high stress, Gnee alloy steel plates provide the necessary structural integrity and reliability to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
By offering high strength, Gnee alloy steel plates contribute to the overall safety and reliability of structures and components. They can withstand the rigors of demanding environments, effectively supporting heavy loads and minimizing the risk of structural failure or deformations.

Gnee alloy steel plates are renowned for their exceptional toughness, which refers to their ability to withstand impact and deformation without fracturing or breaking. This characteristic makes them highly suitable for applications that require resistance to sudden impact or dynamic loads.
The excellent toughness of Gnee alloy steel plates ensures their ability to absorb and dissipate energy when subjected to high impact or dynamic forces. This property allows them to withstand heavy blows, shocks, and vibrations without experiencing catastrophic failure or structural damage. As a result, these plates offer reliable protection and durability in demanding environments.

What Is The Application Of Gnee Alloy Steel Plate?

İnşaat ve Altyapı

Building Structures: Gnee alloy steel plates are utilized in the construction of high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial structures. These plates provide the necessary structural integrity, load-bearing capacity, and resistance to external forces, ensuring the safety and stability of the buildings.
Bridges and Overpasses: Gnee alloy steel plates are employed in the construction of bridges, overpasses, and flyovers. These plates offer superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, allowing the structures to withstand heavy traffic loads, environmental conditions, and frequent use over long periods.
Roofing and Cladding: Gnee alloy steel plates are used for roofing and cladding applications, providing robust and weather-resistant coverings for buildings. These plates offer protection against harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and UV radiation, while maintaining their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

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Energy and Power Generation

Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Gnee alloy steel plates are extensively used in the construction of boilers and pressure vessels. These plates provide the required strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance necessary to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of power plants.
Turbines and Generators: Gnee alloy steel plates are employed in the manufacturing of turbine components and generator casings. These plates offer excellent strength, toughness, and heat resistance, enabling them to withstand extreme operating conditions within power generation systems.
Heat Exchangers: Gnee alloy steel plates find application in heat exchangers, which are crucial components in power plants for efficient heat transfer. These plates provide the necessary corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity required to optimize the heat exchange process and improve overall energy efficiency.

Automotive and Transportation

Chassis Frames: Gnee alloy steel plates are utilized in the construction of chassis frames, providing the required strength, rigidity, and impact resistance. These plates form the structural backbone of vehicles, ensuring the overall stability and safety of the vehicle.
Suspension Systems: Gnee alloy steel plates find application in suspension systems, including control arms, springs, and other components. These plates offer the necessary strength, durability, and flexibility to support the weight of the vehicle, absorb shocks, and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
Structural Reinforcements: Gnee alloy steel plates are used as structural reinforcements in various vehicle components, such as door frames, pillars, and roof supports. These plates enhance the overall strength and crashworthiness of the vehicle, ensuring occupant safety in the event of a collision.
Body Panels: Gnee alloy steel plates are employed in the manufacturing of body panels, such as doors, hoods, fenders, and trunk lids. These plates offer excellent formability, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance, ensuring the aesthetic appeal and durability of the vehicle’s exterior.

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For Oil and Gas Industry

Pipelines: Gnee alloy steel plates are extensively used in the construction of pipelines for the transportation of oil, gas, and other fluids. These plates offer high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the pipeline infrastructure.
Storage Tanks: Gnee alloy steel plates find application in the fabrication of storage tanks for oil, gas, and other petrochemical products. These plates provide excellent resistance to corrosion and can withstand the high-pressure environment, ensuring the safe and efficient storage of hazardous materials.
Offshore Platforms: Gnee alloy steel plates are employed in the construction of offshore platforms, including drilling rigs, production platforms, and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels. These plates offer high strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance, enabling them to withstand harsh marine environments and extreme weather conditions.
Subsea Equipment: Gnee alloy steel plates find application in subsea equipment, including subsea pipelines, risers, and manifolds. These plates provide excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions encountered in offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

Gnee Hangi Hizmetleri Sağlıyor?

Gnee has a team of experienced technical experts who provide professional support and consultation services. They offer guidance on material selection, product suitability, technical specifications, and solutions for specific applications. Customers can rely on Gnee’s expertise to make informed decisions regarding their steel product requirements.

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Gnee is committed to delivering high-quality steel products. They have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that the products meet the required standards and specifications. This includes conducting inspections, testing, and certifications as needed.

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Gnee provides necessary documentation and certifications for steel products, including mill test certificates, quality assurance reports, and compliance documents. These documents assure customers of the quality and conformity of the supplied products.

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Gnee ensures efficient logistics and timely delivery of steel products to customers. They have established reliable supply chains and partnerships with logistics providers, enabling smooth and hassle-free transportation of products to the desired locations.

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