Boiler Steel Plate / Pressure Vessel Steel


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Product Brand: GNEE
Founding Time: 2008
Sold Countries: 60+
Steel Standard: ASTM、EN、GB、JIS
Custom Size: Available


Why Choose Gnee Boiler Plate & pressure vessel steel?

We specialize in pressure vessel plates and adhere to international standards such as ASTM, EN, GB, and JIS. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes, from 1000mm to 4500mm in width, 2000mm to 12000mm in length, and from 2mm to 150mm in thickness, and of course, can be customized. We provide you with high-quality products and comprehensive services, so you have no worries, choose GNEE, and you will get a trustworthy partner.



1220+Global Cases Show Of Pressure Vessel Plate

In addition, our pressure vessel plate has been successfully exported to more than 60 countries such as Vietnam, Iran, Korea, Chile, Thailand, the USA, Nigeria, etc. Many regular customers visited our company and factory and made multiple orders.



What‘s the feature of Gnee boiler heat plate?


GNEE’s pressure vessel steel plate is very durable because we have strict standards for the production process and quality control, and each finished piece is tested so that only goods that meet the standards are brought to market. Therefore, whether in high or low temperatures and all kinds of bad weather or in the face of chemical erosion or physical pressure test, it can well ensure its own durability and structural stability.






Anti-corrosion: The container steel sheets produced by our company are all made with special anti-corrosion processes, including hot-dip galvanizing and painting. The hot dip plating method is to immerse the steel sheet in melted zinc water to make it adhere to the surface, forming a strong zinc coating on the surface of the steel sheet so that the steel sheet cannot directly contact the external environment. It therefore can effectively protect the steel sheet from corrosion. Spray coating is a layer of anti-corrosion coating applied to the steel sheet, which plays a role in the physical isolation of the steel sheet and plays an anti-corrosion role on the steel sheet.

Corrosion-resistant materials: The corrosion-resistant materials selected by our company are all of high quality. The product has good resistance to moisture, acid, alkali, salt water and other corrosion, and can maintain the integrity and function of its surface for a long time. We have chosen the appropriate anti-rust materials to ensure that the steel plates can be used for a long time in various working environments.

Rust resistance test: Our rust resistance test strictly follows international standards. This study evaluates and verifies the corrosion resistance of the vessel steel plate by simulating actual corrosion situations, such as salt spray test, acid and alkali test, etc. Through these tests, we ensure the service life and reliability of the product under various environments.

Customized anti-corrosion solutions for you: Our company can provide you with advice and suggestions for different use occasions and working conditions, and choose the right anti-corrosion process and materials for you to have the best protection under special corrosive conditions.

GNEE 為您提供各種鋼板以滿足您的要求。該功能具體說明如下:

International standards: The boiler steel plates we produce meet many international standards such as ASTM, European EN, Chinese national standard GB, and Japanese industry standard JIS. This means that our products have reached internationally recognized standards in terms of quality and performance, and can adapt to the needs of markets around the world.

Complete product specifications: Our products have complete specifications and can meet the design and use requirements of various products. Our boiler steel sheets range from 1000mm to 4500mm wide and 2000mm to 12000mm long and can be produced in various thicknesses from 2mm to 150mm. This variety of sizes allows the user to pick the most desired size for their project needs.

Tailor-made: GNEE provides existing specifications for selection, and can also be tailor-made according to customers’ needs. If the customer has special requirements, our professional staff will cooperate and tailor-make the product to meet the customer’s special requirements.

Different thicknesses are available: Our company produces container steel sheets with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 150mm. We can supply all kinds of containers from thin plates suitable for light steel plates to thick plates suitable for high-pressure and heavy load containers.


Specifications: We can provide you with various specifications of boiler steel plate. If the customer has special needs in terms of length, width, thickness, etc., our professional staff will work together with the customer to ensure that each plate will meet the customer’s needs. By this method, we can get the box steel plates that meet the requirements of engineering design, thus avoiding unnecessary machining and reducing waste.

Special shapes and processing: We are able to provide special shapes of boiler steel plate to meet the requirements of different boiler designs. Whether specific bent shapes, cut shapes or complex machining processes are required, our technical team has the experience and expertise to perform precise machining to meet specific vessel requirements.

Surface treatment and coating: We can provide different surface treatment and coating options according to the customer’s requirements. For example, hot dip galvanizing, spray coating, anti-corrosion coating, etc. These treatments and coatings can provide additional protection and enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel sheets to suit specific working environments and application scenarios.

Material selection: We can select different steel materials according to customer requirements to meet specific performance and functional requirements. Different steels have different characteristics, such as high strength steel, high temperature resistant steel, etc. Our professional team will advise and select the steel material according to the customer’s application requirements to ensure the best material performance.

What is the Application of Gnee 鍋爐鋼板?

For Construction

Boiler steel plates are mainly used in the construction of boilers and pressure vessels in various industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and power generation. Boiler steel plates are also used in the manufacture of storage tanks, heat exchangers, and other equipment requiring high pressure resistance.

Consult For your construction project


Gnee can provide the following measurement services for pressure vessel steel:

1. 尺寸測量:透過測量儀器測量長度、寬度、厚度等尺寸參數,確保鋼板合格,符合設計要求。
2. 表面測量:測量鋼板表面的平整度、不平整度、表面粗糙度等參數,有助於確保鋼板的品質和表面狀態符合要求。
3. 厚度測量:使用測厚儀準確測量鋼板厚度,確保符合設計要求。
4. 材料測量:利用材料分析儀器測量鋼板的化學成分和機械性質,確保鋼板的品質和性能符合要求。



● 根據荷載計算和結構設計的強度需求,調整鍋爐鋼板的厚度、寬度和長度。






材料化學成分分析:透過化學成分分析,判斷其成分是否 鍋爐鋼板 符合標準要求。
腐蝕性能測試: 透過腐蝕性能測試,評估鍋爐鋼板的耐腐蝕性能,包括耐鹽霧腐蝕、耐化學腐蝕等。


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