ASTM A537 / ASTM SA537 Boiler Steel Plate


ASTM boiler steel plate

Gnee ASTM A537 / ASTM SA537 pressure vessel steel plate can provide superior strength and toughness in a wide range of applications. It is heat-treated to enhance its strength and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for boilers and other vessels that need to work in extreme conditions.


Chemical Composition of ASTM A537 / ASTM SA537 boiler steel plate

年級Chemical Composition(%)
A537 Class 1 (A537CL1)0.240.13-0.550.92-1.720.0350.035
A537 Class 2 (A537CL2)0.240.13-0.550.92-1.720.0350.035
A537 Class 3 (A537CL3)0.240.13-0.550.92-1.720.0350.035

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A537 / ASTM SA537 boiler steel plate

年級Mechanical Property
拉伸強度(MPa)Yield Strength(MPa)% Elongation in 2 in.(50mm) minImpacting Test  Temperature(°C)
A537 Class 1(A537CL1)450-58531018-20,40,-60
A537 Class 2(A537CL2)485-690315-41520-20,40,-60
A537 Class 3(A537CL3)485-690275-38020-20,40,-60

Why Choose Gnee ASTM boiler Steel Plate?

We have extensive experience in the production of ASTM boiler Steel Plates, have integrity, and are a trusted partner. If you choose us, we will provide you with the best products.






Gnee can provide the following measurement services for ASTM boiler Steel Plate:

1. 尺寸測量:透過測量儀器測量長度、寬度、厚度等尺寸參數,確保鋼板合格,符合設計要求。
2. 表面測量:測量鋼板表面的平整度、不平整度、表面粗糙度等參數,有助於確保鋼板的品質和表面狀態符合要求。
3. 厚度測量:使用測厚儀準確測量鋼板厚度,確保符合設計要求。
4. 材料測量:利用材料分析儀器測量鋼板的化學成分和機械性質,確保鋼板的品質和性能符合要求。


Gnee can customize the size and shape of steel plates for your boiler project according to your specific project needs. The custom design of the steel plate is carried out by a professional engineer and design team. Based on the requirements and constraints of the project, they will use calculation and simulation tools, combined with experience and technical knowledge, to optimize the steel plate design to meet the specific needs of your boiler engineering.

● According to the load calculation and strength requirements of structural design, adjust the thickness, width and length of ASTM boiler Steel Plate.


Purchasing Gnee ABS steel plate can provide the following deep processing services. We can customize according to the specific needs of customers to meet the requirements of different boiler engineering.

切割服務: ASTM boiler Steel Plate can be custom cut to obtain the desired shape and size according to the needs of customers. For example, flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, etc., can cut steel plates into required plates, blocks, special-shaped parts, etc.
彎曲和成型: ASTM boiler Steel plates are bent and formed by stress application and appropriate processes to obtain the desired shape.
焊接服務: ASTM boiler Steel Plate can be subjected to various types of welding services, including manual arc welding, gas-shielded welding, laser welding, etc.
孔的車削和加工: Turning and machining of holes in ASTM boiler Steel Plate by using machining equipment. These processes produce smooth surfaces, precise holes, and threads to meet specific assembly requirements.


Gnee ABS steel plate can provide the following testing services through third-party testing agencies. These third-party testing services can provide independent, objective verification that ASTM boiler Steel Plate comply with relevant standards and regulations.

材料化學成分分析: Through chemical composition analysis, determine whether the composition of the ASTM boiler Steel Plate meets the standard requirements.
機械性能測試: mechanical performance test includes tensile test, impact test, bending test, etc., which are used to determine whether the mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and ductility of ASTM boiler Steel Plate meet the specified requirements.
金相檢測: Through metallographic testing, check the structure, grain size, non-metallic inclusions, etc. of ASTM boiler Steel Plate to evaluate their quality and performance.
腐蝕性能測試: Through the corrosion performance test, evaluate the corrosion resistance of ASTM boiler Steel Plate, including salt spray corrosion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc.
硬度測試: Hardness test is used to measure the hardness of ASTM boiler Steel Plate, and its strength and wear resistance can be evaluated according to the hardness value.
超音波探傷: Ultrasonic flaw detection is used to detect internal defects of ASTM boiler Steel Plate, such as cracks, pores, inclusions, etc.


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