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Gnee Corten Steel For Sale Singapore are a type of steel alloy that is designed to be resistant to corrosion, weathering, and other external elements. This makes them an ideal choice for many industries including construction, engineering, and agricultural applications.

Increased chromium, nickel, and molybdenum content

Applicable both indoor and outdoor

Various corten steel sheet sizes And Thicknesses


unique look with dark streaks


Gnee corten steel Singapore price

Corten steel is an excellent choice for Singapore both indoor and outdoor projects due to its superior corrosion resistance and lightweight yet strong construction. Gnee offers a wide range of corten plate ranging in thickness from 3mm to 100mm at competitive prices, such as 3mm corten steel sheet and 2mm corten steel sheet. Here you can find the perfect solution for all your requirements and within its budget. In addition, as a factory direct manufacturer, Gnee also offers discounts and other promotional offers.

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Corten plate is available in a variety of grades. This grade has a higher resistance to corrosion due to its chemical composition. This grade is best suited for outdoor applications as it offers excellent rust protection. It also requires minimal maintenance and can withstand extreme temperatures without losing any of its properties.
CORTENCorten ACorten B
ASTM A588/A588MA588 Grade AA588 Grade BA588 Grade CA588 Grade K
ASME SA588/SA588MSA588 Grade ASA588 Grade BSA588 Grade CSA588 Grade K
EN 10025-5S235J0WS235J2WS355J0WPS355J2WP
EN 10155S235J0WS235J2W
TB/T 197908CuPVRE  609CuPTiRE-A  509CuPTiRE-B 4  09CuPCrNi-A   3
09CuPCrNi-B  205CuPCrNi   1

Why Singapore Customers Choose Gnee corten steel?

Gnee Steel has extensive expertise in the steel industry and 16 years of export experience. We have professional teams, committed to providing high-quality weathering steel products, and an in-depth understanding of the unique properties and requirements of corten metal sheet, to ensure our customers get accurate and reliable guidance.




In addition, our corten steel has been successfully exported to more than 60 countries such as Germany, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, and Argentina. Many regular customers come to visit our company and factory and make multiple orders.



What are the advantages of corten steel plate?


GNEE Steel’s corten steels are designed to exhibit superior resistance to atmospheric corrosion. When exposed to the environment, our products form a protective oxide layer on the surface, creating a self-healing barrier that prevents further corrosion. This unique weathering performance ensures long-term durability and reduces the need for ongoing maintenance, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

The unique patina of corten steel gives structures a rustic and visually appealing finish. GNEE Steel offers a range of corten finishes that enable architects and designers to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Whether it’s a modern architectural masterpiece or a traditional infrastructure project, our corten steels add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any design.

By choosing corten steel from GNEE Steel, customers benefit from long-term cost savings. Our products do not require additional layers of protection or the ongoing maintenance of traditional steel. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the structure, making weathering steel a cost-effective solution for a variety of industries.

GNEE Steel’s corten steels are suitable for a wide range of applications. From construction projects and bridges to railroad infrastructure and marine applications, our products exhibit superior performance in a variety of environments. The versatility of corten steels makes them the first choice for engineers, architects and construction professionals seeking reliable, durable and visually appealing solutions.

GNEE Steel is proud of its technical expertise and commitment to providing the highest quality products. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that all weathering steel products meet international standards and undergo rigorous testing and inspection. We guarantee that our customers receive first-class weathering steel that meets their specific requirements and exceeds expectations.


We provide corten steel plates in various specifications and sizes and provide corten steel plate products that meet the standards according to customers’ needs and project requirements.

Ask For Corten Steel Plate

Gnee can customize the manufacturing and processing of corten steel plates according to customer requirements, including processing processes such as cutting, bending, welding, and surface treatment to meet specific project needs.

Ask Manufacturing And Processing

We cooperate with reliable logistics partners to ensure timely delivery of corten steel sheet products to the locations specified by our customers and provide tracking and coordination services to ensure smooth supply chain management.

Ask Delivery Services

Provide technical support and after-sales service to answer customers’ questions, provide technical guidance, and handle customers’ complaints and problems to ensure customer satisfaction and a good relationship.

Ask After-Sales Services

Gnee corten steel can provide the following testing services through third-party testing agencies. These third-party testing services can provide independent, objective verification that weathering steel complies with relevant standards and regulations.

材料化學成分分析: Through chemical composition analysis, determine whether the composition of the corten steel meets the standard requirements.
機械性能測試: mechanical performance test includes tensile test, impact test, bending test, etc., which are used to determine whether the mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and ductility of weathering steel meet the specified requirements.
金相檢測: Through metallographic testing, check the structure, grain size, non-metallic inclusions, etc. of weathering steel to evaluate their quality and performance.
腐蝕性能測試: Through the corrosion performance test, evaluate the corrosion resistance of corten steel plates, including salt spray corrosion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc.
硬度測試: Hardness test is used to measure the hardness of corten steel, and its strength and wear resistance can be evaluated according to the hardness value.
超音波探傷: Ultrasonic flaw detection is used to detect internal defects of corten steel, such as cracks, pores, inclusions, etc.

Ask Third-Party Detection Services

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